Can't Think of Anything Else To Post?
Is Content Creation Stressing You Out?

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JAN 27-28, 2023

Running out of ideas is stressful.
Sitting and staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor day after day isn't fun.

And maybe most importantly...

Feeling confused, ineffective and unsure about creating content isn't the way you want to be spending all your time.

You are not a content machine!
You are a coach, a healer, a passionate service provider, an entrepreneur on a mission.
You show up BIG for your clients and you are an expert at what you do. You've got an important message to share with the world.

You know you NEED to post...because that’s how to attract your dream clients...but as soon as you start thinking about what to post, where to post, and when to post it, overwhelm sweeps in and wipes out any inspiration you might have had (cue the blinking cursor and blank screen).

You are not alone.

Creating content consistently is one of the #1 stressors of online business owners and entrepreneurs.
Do you ever wish someone could just hold your hand and walk you through exactly how to create and plan intentional content that..
  Connects with your ideal clients?
  Sparks engagement?
  Sets you apart as an expert in your field?
Cuts through the noise of the newsfeed?
And oh, yeah... converts?
Happy Clients Who Took This Workshop:
You know that creating content is essential to marketing your business.
There are no ifs ands or buts about it.
If you are a coach, a healer or an entrepreneur who wants to get your message out into the world in the online space, you need to consistently create content that inspires, informs, entertains, and moves people to take action.

And that can feel like a really tall order. It can be pretty daunting to figure out what, where and when to post, not to mention finding time to do it all and do it well.
You are so ready to show up and serve, but if you're really honest with yourself...
  • You're not as consistent as you could be.
  • You're always short on time, so you post when you can, but there's no real strategy behind it.
  • You're not getting the kind of engagement you know you need for the growth you want.
  • You could really use some accountability and a plan to get it done!
What if you could craft an entire quarter's worth of content that makes a real impact in just a few hours?
The Complete Content Strategy
Planning Workshop LIVE
Strategic action. Intentional time. Maximum results.

No more stressing about what to post.

In this live virtual workshop, I will walk you step-by-step through my straightforward creation and planning system so you can get your content locked and loaded for the next month or the next quarter.
You'll walk away knowing exactly what type of post to share each day and how to repurpose it seamlessly for your personal and business Facebook pages (and your other social media platforms too!).
You'll learn a proven system and a strategy you'll be able to replicate over and over again to consistently engage your audience, expand your influence, establish your expertise and turn those followers into paying clients.
During our time together, you’ll not only learn these priceless tools, you’ll be taking hands-on action and implementing! When you add this to your cart (and your calendar) you know you’ll be SET for the next month/quarter, so you won’t have to stress about your content creation!
Join me for this very special LIVE workshop and say goodbye to frantically scrambling to throw something together everyday only to end up with a lackluster response from the people you want to connect with the most.

Planning your content is hands down the most efficient and effective way to grow your business, with more ease in less time, so you can focus on the things that matter the most (like serving your clients). 
Let's Plan Your Quarter!
A 2-day workshop (that's 5 total hours!) of strategic content planning with me to build out 3 whole months of content.
Here's what's included:

A Custom Trello Board Pre-Loaded with My Quarterly Post-Planning Strategy ($497)

  • Trello is a robust yet easy to use (free!) project management system that takes the guesswork out of organizing and batching your content.
  • I’ve customized it for you and I’ll teach you exactly how to use it so that at a glance, you'll be able to see your entire month's strategy! You’ll be plugging and playing the right posts, for the right platforms at the right time in no time.

Your Strategic Content Planning Workbook ($297)

  • A big, beautiful 20+ page workbook with prompts, ideas and hands-on content creation activities we’ll walk through together live in the workshop. Takes you step-by-step through my proven process to brainstorm and organize your quarterly content plan for maximum results. 

BONUS: A Personal Video from Meliss to answer your content questions ($350)

  • When you commit to the 2-day live workshop, you'll get to submit 3 follow-up questions following the workshop. You can ask me ANYTHING as you continue to implement your quarterly content plan! This is easily an over $350 value alone, but I am SO committed to your success that it's my gift to you. I can't wait to record a personalized video answering your specific questions after the workshop to personally support you.

One-Time Payment $197

Happy Clients Who Took This Workshop:
Real talk? It takes time and intention to plan might even be a great planner in other aspects of your life, but when it comes to creating your content, we both know you’re not doing it. You’ve got a block that you KNOW you need to break through.

You might even have already grabbed my Complete Content Strategy Toolkit, but it’s just been sitting there gathering dust on your virtual shelf.
NOW is the time to make the commitment to implement this TOGETHER.
(And if you don’t have the Toolkit yet, don’t worry, you can add it to your order when you say YES to the workshop on the next page!)
Imagine how GOOD it will feel knowing you've got a full roster of intentional, compelling and commanding content ready to go...

How confident you'll be once you've learned the proven process to create, plan and repurpose content with intention...all you'll have to do is rinse and repeat.
This could be your story too... 
We’re going to get a lot done in our time together, so you absolutely could walk away with a full content calendar DONE for a quarter, but of course, there are no guarantees, because everyone works at their own pace.


For you to walk away with the tools and the strategy you need to plan a month or a quarter of your content with a proven marketing system for social media.


Show up live with me and let me teach you how!!!

what to bring

  • Your incredible, capable, brilliant self.
  • Your go-to planning systems- Paper and pen? Post-its? Your old school planner or desk calendar? Highlighters, markers, stickers...whatever fun supplies you need to stay motivated, have them on hand!
  • Inspiration- any quotes you love or images you’ve screenshotted and saved on your phone or desktop...bring them to the party! Got a vision board? Put it where you can see it because this workshop is all about bringing your vision for your content to life!
  • ​Room to spread out- I love working on 2 monitors when I do my content planning, so if you want a wider spread, this is something I’ve found works well. Making room means physical and energetic space, so be sure to put this in your calendar, set reminders on your phone, put your family on notice and get ready to learn, plan and create! 
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Why are we planning a full quarter?
Planning content takes time! I know this because I do it quarterly for my business. In fact, because I want to spend my days focusing my attention on my clients (and not on content creation) I find that planning my content quarterly frees up my time. I like not having to worry about what I need to post for a whole 3 months! I do my quarterly planning only 4 times a year!
If the sound of that makes you feel like a HUGE burden is being lifted, this is the option I would recommend. We will be spending 5 intentional hours together and not only will you be planning everything out, you will be learning some serious strategy that will help turn your content into clients.

If you feel like content creation scares the crap out of you or you’ve never planned content out (or maybe only a week or two at a time), you can get your feet wet by intentionally coming to the workshop to plan out just for the month… your choice. I will give you a ton of tools and strategies that will help you lay down the foundation so you can rinse and repeat month after month.
What if I can’t make it live?
To be honest, I did not want to offer a recording to this workshop because it is filled with marketing GOLD and I tend to over deliver. The workshop is time-specific. We will be planning for Feb. 2023 till Apr. 2023

So coming LIVE is ideal AND HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. However, I know things happen and because you might want to listen in later, I’ve decided that the recording will be available for 7 days after the workshop!
I already have some of your trainings, Meliss, how is this different?
So excited that you keep coming back for more! But seriously, this workshop is not like anything I’ve ever launched. I am showing you exactly what I do in my planning sessions so that you can strategically position yourself as the expert. We will be doing this thing TOGETHER! And, I’ve created the most comprehensive workbook to go along with the workshop so you can brainstorm, create, and plan in one intentional day!
How do I know if I’m a right fit for the workshop?
You are a perfect fit if you are a coach or a healer who is looking to make meaningful connections online and attract your dream clients with your content. If you have ever struggled with what to post, when to post it, or how to create endless content, you will be doing a disservice to your business if you don’t show up. I promise you, you will walk away with clarity and a plan that start bringing clients to your digital door.
If you are a passionate coach, healer or entrepreneur ready to have a thriving business of ideal clients lining up to work with you, planning strategic content is the way to do it.
Content creation and planning are MY JAM.
I would be honored to be your guide.
Meliss Jakubovic, also known in the industry as the Lead Generation Genie, is an Online Marketing Strategist, the founder of Meliss Marketing, Author of #Expert, and Host of The Marketing Tips With Meliss Podcast.

She helps coaches and healers add $10K+ to their monthly revenue and scale their business in 90 days or less. She loves helping them end the feast/famine cycle and fill their 1:1 calendar and group programs so they can make an impact in the lives of others and abundance and freedom in theirs. She is also a single mom to 2 amazing boys.
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