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When it comes to running a business that is actually profitable, many entrepreneurs find themselves making costly mistakes & leave thousands of dollars on the table each month.

In this interactive Sales Sprint, Meliss will challenge you daily for 3 weeks with actions that get you closer to your next client and guide you through all the steps you need to follow in order to have a business that actually grows your bank account.

If you aren't profitable, you have an expensive hobby and it's time to change that. Time to pay yourself the big bucks, m'dear!

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Hey, I'm Meliss Jakubovic.

The Founder of Meliss Marketing, Author of '#Expert' and 'Your Step-by-Step Guide to An Abundance of Aligned Clients + Consistent Income (Finally!)™', and Host of The Marketing Tips With Meliss Podcast.

I’m here to help you get more clients and fill your programs using strategies that are in alignment with your values and get you RESULTS.

The thing you should know about me is that I believe that marketing should be INTENTIONAL.

Effective marketing isn’t just about a “cool” post-- it’s about creating moments online that MOVE people both in their feelings and towards the payment page.

As a marketing expert, I’ve helped THOUSANDS of business owners create content that connects and systems that convert. And as a busy single mom who knows the value of an hour, I’ve made sure that the “how” is as efficient as possible.

The truth is, creating content isn’t enough. It’s really about making sure your entire system from start to finish is STRATEGIC.

You’re here to change the world, and your strategic content and sales systems are what help your ideal clients SEE you, FEEL you, and ultimately, BUY from you.

If you’re ready to get more clients and make a bigger impact in the world, this Sales Sprint is for you.

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